After your graduation

Completion of the programme is rewarded with the title Master of Arts in Data-Driven Design. This degree opens the door to an exciting international career.

For the digital creative, data analysis is not a final goal, but rather a means to create innovative concepts that create value within a digital society.

Master Data driven design: after the programme

Career perspectives for data professionals

This programme is developed in response to a strong demand from businesses themselves, as well as global developments. After completing the programme, you will be a “digital creative” in the true sense of the word – you will have acquired the skills you need in order to become a professional pioneer in the digital transformation process.

As a result of your extensive conceptual knowledge of data science and business models, you can play a leading role in the turn towards data-driven design in any organisation. The skills and knowledge acquired during the programme are a great boost to your career potential. To a large extent, the job titles that adequately describe the roles you may full fill in an organisation, still need to be invented.

What jobs can I apply for after the Master Data-driven Design?

  • Data steward
  • Tech entrepreneur
  • UX designer
  • Data journalist
  • Creative researcher
  • Innovation manager
  • CTO
  • Growth hacker
  • Digital creative

The competences you've developed during the programme

  • Ambitious

    This programme is demanding, so you need to be willing and able to put in the work.

  • Tech-savvy

    Roughly a third of the curriculum is about technology, programming, and data science, so you need to have affinity with digital technology.

  • Creative

    We encourage original ideas but find it more important that you are able to set up and run a creative process from research and analysis, towards solutions and prototypes.

  • Sociable

    As you will be working closely with fellow students, teaching staff and professionals, you need to have the necessary social skills.

  • Self-reliant

    The study time will vary depending on your course selection but there will be some significant time spent on self-study and preparation

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