After your graduation

Upon graduation you will receive a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree, together with the International Diploma Supplement (IDS) in English. With Germany's role in the EU and international trade, we expect job prospects for German teachers to remain excellent, further influenced by teacher shortages and demand from the job market.

Three students stand in front of the colourful façade of Padualaan 97 in Utrecht

Career prospects for German teachers

With your degree, you may work in the lower years of Dutch secondary education or at vocational and language schools. You could also become a freelancer and teach/tutor privately, write course books or exam materials or work in teacher training.

You can start working as

  • German Teacher in Vocational Education: you bring the language, literature and culture of the German-speaking countries to young minds in a stimulating manner, using many different teaching methods. You also guide and mentor children and young adults on their journey towards adulthood.
  • German Teacher in Tertiary Education: you focus on the use of German in the workplace, training young adults attending vocational school (MBO or ROC in Dutch) and preparing them for their future jobs.
  • German Teacher at a Language Institute: at a language institute or adult learning centre in the Netherlands or abroad, you teach German to people from all ages and backgrounds.
  • Course Material or Exam Designer: you keep up to date with the latest in (online) learning methods and you create course materials that are easy and fun to use. Or, you focus on course objectives and create exams to test participants.
  • Freelance Language Trainer: if you want to combine a career with another job, or continued studies, you can choose to go freelance. You may give private German lessons, or tutor students and help with homework. The choices are endless.

The competences you’ll develop

After the Teacher Education in German programme, you will be:

  • Flexible and driven: combining work and pursuing a degree is not easy, and you will need to have the flexibility and drive to make it work. That said, you'll learn many new things and meet interesting new people, which will make your journey with us a lot of fun.
  • Passionate about language and culture: you enjoy reading and writing and are interested in other cultures. You are keen to share your passion for foreign languages with others.
  • Sociable: you are a social person with excellent communication skills and enjoy working with children and young adults in an international setting.
Three students stand in front of the colourful façade of Padualaan 97 in Utrecht

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