Automated Feedback for Workplace Learning in Higher Education

Auteurs Esther van der Stappen , dr. Liesbeth Baartman
Gepubliceerd in Technology Enhanced Assessment, revised selected papers
Publicatiedatum 13 juli 2019
Lectoraat Betekenisvol Digitaal Innoveren, Beroepsonderwijs
Soort publicatie Artikel


To cope with changing demands from society, higher education institutes are developing adaptive curricula in which a suitable integration of workplace learning is an important factor. Automated feedback can be used as part of formative assessment strategies to enhance student learning in the workplace. However due to the complex and diverse nature of workplace learning processes, it is difficult to align automated feedback to the needs of the individual student. The main research question we aim to answer in this design-based study is: ‘How can we support higher education students’ reflective learning in the workplace by providing automated feedback while learning in the workplace?’. Iterative development yielded 1) a framework for automated feedback in workplace learning, 2) design principles and guidelines and 3) an application prototype implemented according to this framework and design knowledge. In the near future, we plan to evaluate and improve these tentative products in pilot studies.

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Taal Engels
Gepubliceerd in Technology Enhanced Assessment, revised selected papers
Trefwoorden Automated Feedback, Formative Assessment, Technology-Enhanced Learning, Technology-Enhanced Assessment, Workplace Learning, Learning Analytics
Paginabereik 73-90

Esther van der Stappen

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