After your graduation

Upon graduation you will receive a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree, together with the International Diploma Supplement (IDS) in English. As Spanish is expected to grow as a global language in trade and politics, demand for Spanish teachers is expected to remain high and you'll have a variety of careers to choose from.

After your graduation Teacher Education in Spanish: a view into the classroom

Career prospects

With your degree, you may work in Dutch secondary education, teaching the lower years, and at vocational and language schools. You can also become a freelancer and teach/tutor privately or write course books or exam materials.

You bring the language, literature and culture of the Spanish-speaking world to the children in an exciting and involved way, and using a variety of teaching methods. You also guide and mentor young minds in their journey towards adulthood.

You focus on the practical use of Spanish, training young adults going to a vocational school (MBO or ROC in Dutch) and preparing them for their future jobs. You do this using a communicative approach.

At a language school in the Netherlands or abroad, you teach Spanish to people from all ages and backgrounds. Many will be travelling to learn Spanish, and you might make some great friends from around the world in the process.

You keep up to date with the latest in (online) learning methods and you create course materials that are easy and fun to use. Or, you focus on course objectives and create exams to test participants.

If you want to combine a career with another job or continued studies, you can choose to go freelance. You may give private Spanish lessons, or tutor students and help with homework. The choices are endless.

Potential employers are:

  • Dutch high schools 
  • Dutch vocational schools 
  • Language institutes around the world 
  • Publishers 
  • Governmental institutions

Job opportunity

% finds a job within 1,5 years

    Postgraduate studies

    After your graduation, you may continue your education towards a Master's degree at a college or university anywhere around the world. In some cases, you may need a special minor to enrol, or follow an extra preparation course which may take up to a year.

    HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht offers a Master of Education in English and Dutch. Your SCC can give you more information.

    Stay in touch

    We like keeping in touch with former students, and we advise you to do the same. They are a great source of information about developments in your field. A good network is of immense value for your career prospects and professional development in the connected world of today.

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