Values in Design Methodologies for AI

Auteurs Huib Aldewereld, Tina Mioch
Gepubliceerd in Springer LNBIP 423
Publicatiedatum 22 juni 2021
Lectoraat Artificial Intelligence
Soort publicatie Artikel


Addressing and integrating human values into AI design and development processes in research and practice can be di cult, and a clear methodological approach can clarify issues of both theory and prac- tice. One such approach is Value Sensitive Design (VSD), an established theory for addressing issues of values in a systematic and principled fash- ion in the design of information technology. However, it is unclear how VSD is translated into current design practices and whether it has been integrated into existing methodologies. In this paper, we investigated whether and to what extent VSD has passed down into design method- ologies used in practice. We found that the actual application of VSD in methodologies is limited, but that in the last few years, steps have been taken to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

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Taal Engels
Gepubliceerd in Springer LNBIP 423
Trefwoorden Value-sensitive design, System Engineering, Ethics

Huib Aldewereld

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Huib Aldewereld

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