Supporting Learning Analytics Adoption

Auteurs Justian Knobbout, Esther van der Stappen, Johan Versendaal, Rogier van de Wetering
Gepubliceerd in Applied Sciences
Publicatiedatum 2023
Lectoraat Betekenisvol Digitaal Innoveren
Soort publicatie Artikel


Although learning analytics benefit learning, its uptake by higher educational institutions remains low. Adopting learning analytics is a complex undertaking, and higher educational institutions lack insight into how to build organizational capabilities to successfully adopt learning analytics at scale. This paper describes the ex-post evaluation of a capability model for learning analytics via a mixed-method approach. The model intends to help practitioners such as program managers, policymakers, and senior management by providing them a comprehensive overview of necessary capabilities and their operationalization. Qualitative data were collected during pluralistic walk-throughs with 26 participants at five educational institutions and a group discussion with seven learning analytics experts. Quantitative data about the model’s perceived usefulness and ease-of-use was collected via a survey (n = 23). The study’s outcomes show that the model helps practitioners to plan learning analytics adoption at their higher educational institutions. The study also shows the applicability of pluralistic walk-throughs as a method for ex-post evaluation of Design Science Research artefacts.

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Taal Engels
Gepubliceerd in Applied Sciences
Jaar en volume 13 5
Trefwoorden learning analytics, higher education, adoption, design science research, evaluation, organizational capabilities
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Justian Knobbout

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