Impact of Dry Eye Symptoms and Daily Activities in a Modern Office

Auteurs Mirjam van Tilborg, Paul Murphy, Katharine Evans
Gepubliceerd in Optometry and Vision Science
Publicatiedatum 1 juni 2017
Lectoraat Technologie voor Zorginnovaties
Soort publicatie Artikel


Modern offices and the use of electronic devices are increasing factors in work-related eye symptoms. However, symptoms of eye fatigue or dry eye sensation can be mixed and confusing. This study surveys the eye symptoms reported during a working day at modern offices to investigate the possible inhibition on daily work activities. Two online digital surveys were sent to three different work locations, by direct e-mail. Survey A consisted of 14 questions that investigated eye symptoms experienced during daily activities at work and the impact on daily activities. Survey B consisted of four general questions, the Dutch Ocular Surface Disease Index, the Work Productivity and Activity Index, and the Illness Perception Questionnaire.

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Taal Engels
Gepubliceerd in Optometry and Vision Science
Jaar en volume 94 6
Trefwoorden droge ogen, arbeidsomstandigheden
Paginabereik 688-693

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