How To Make Evidence-Informed Practice A Day-To-Day Affair

Auteurs Chris Brown, Kristin Vanlommel
Gepubliceerd in Professional Development Today
Publicatiedatum 2022
Lectoraat Organiseren van Verandering in Onderwijs
Soort publicatie Artikel


We need educators to be constantly updating their skills and knowledge, and evidenced-informed practice is central to this; yet it is far from universal in our schools. Kristin Vanlommel and Chris Brown draw on their international research to show how EIP can be achieved based on three core principles. With this article, we consider the engagement by teachers and school leaders in educational practices that are ‘evidence-informed’ - across school systems and world-wide. There is a growing consensus that effective teaching and leadership is based on evidence-informed practice (or EIP), and that EIP results in improving student learning and achievement.

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Taal Engels
Gepubliceerd in Professional Development Today
Jaar en volume 22 4
Trefwoorden evidence-informed practice (EIP), education, professional development

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