Do you qualify to enter HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht's Teacher Education in English Master programme? Find out here.

Admission requirements

To enter the programme you need to have:

  • A Bachelor's degree in Education in English, or
  • A Bachelor's degree in English Language and Culture combined with an Education Minor.

Additionally, you need proven English skills at CEFR level C2.

If you want to start this master programme, you need to be employed as an English teacher in Dutch secondary or tertiary education. Preferably, you are able to teach a few classes in the higher years of your school from your first year onwards – although you won't yet be fully qualified. If this isn’t possible with your current employer, you need to find a school for your internship. We will try to help you find one.

Before your admission, you will have a personal interview with a student counsellor. Together, you will discuss what you want out of the programme, your motivation, ambitions and experience in order to design your personal Learning Plan. This will give you a good idea about the possibilities this master programme offers you, and whether it is a good fit.

Interested in the Master programme Teacher Education in English?