Physical activity monitoring during hospital stay

Auteurs Karin Valkenet , Petra Bor , Elja Reijneveld , Cindy Veenhof , Jaap Dronkers
Gepubliceerd in Disability and Rehabilitation
Publicatiedatum 2022
Lectoraat Innovatie van Beweegzorg
Soort publicatie Artikel


Purpose: The primary aim of this study was to investigate the concurrent validity of the PAM AM400 accelerometer for measuring physical activity in usual care in hospitalized patients by comparing it with the ActiGraph wGT3X-BT accelerometer. Materials and methods: This was a prospective single centre observational study performed at the University Medical Centre Utrecht in The Netherlands. Patients admitted to different clinical wards were included. Intraclass Correlation Coefficients (ICCs) were computed using a two-way mixed model with random subjects. Additionally, Bland-Altman plots were made to visualize the level of agreement of the PAM with the ActiGraph. To test for proportional bias, a regression analysis was performed. Results: In total 17 patients from different clinical wards were included in the analyses. The level of agreement between the PAM and ActiGraph was found strong with an ICC of 0.955. The Bland-Altman analyses showed a mean difference of 1.12min between the two accelerometers and no proportional bias (p¼0.511). Conclusions: The PAM is a suitable movement sensor to validly measure the active minutes of hospitalized patients. Implementation of this device in daily care might be helpful to change the immobility culture in hospitals.

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Taal Engels
Gepubliceerd in Disability and Rehabilitation
Trefwoorden physical activity, accelerometer, hospital, Patiënt, validation

Karin Valkenet

Karin Valkenet

Karin Valkenet

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