Monitoring mobilization

Auteurs Petra Sneijder , Baukje Stinesen , Maartje Harmelink , Annette Klarenbeek
Gepubliceerd in Journal of Communication Management
Publicatiedatum 2018
Lectoraat Communicatie in Digitale Transitie
Soort publicatie Artikel


The purpose of the paper is to describe the ways in which people use language to achieve mobilization. Recognizing and anticipating the discursive practices that are used online, for instance for mobilization, increasingly is a primary concern for professionals in crisis communication or issue management. A discursive psychological perspective is drawn upon to conduct a qualitative analysis of the interactional and rhetorical features of mobilization on two Facebook event pages, and to discover patterns of talk. The study offers important insights for communication professionals (for instance, in the domain of crisis communication), enabling them to recognize mobilizing practices in other contexts and designing an adequate response.

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Taal Engels
Gepubliceerd in Journal of Communication Management
Jaar en volume 22 1
Trefwoorden social media, Rhetoric, Crisis communication, Communication practitioner
Paginabereik 14-27

Petra Sneijder

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Petra Sneijder

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