Decision factors for outsourcing On-premise Applications of institutions for higher education.

Auteurs Rik Nijman , Pim Schouten , Pascal Ravesteijn
Gepubliceerd in Journal of Higher education Theiry and practice vol
Publicatiedatum 5 juli 2019
Lectoraat Procesinnovatie & informatiesystemen
Soort publicatie Artikel


In Dutch higher education institutions, IT outsourcing (ITO) is becoming more common. New applications nowadays are executed from the ‘cloud’. But what to do with on premise applications? Can they also be outsourced? If so, what factors does a higher education institution have to consider when making the ITO decision of their on-premise applications? This research starts with finding the factors that are already known in existing ITO literature (in different contexts). Then, these decision factors are validated in four explorative interviews before surveying the factors within a higher education context. In total, fourteen factors are deemed to be important for Dutch higher education institutions. Based upon the survey responses by Dutch IT decision makers, a hierarchy exist in these fourteen factors. Also, this research suggest a relationship between outsourcing decision factors and the sourcing models. Additionally, outsourcing objectives seem to influence this relationship.

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Taal Engels
Gepubliceerd in Journal of Higher education Theiry and practice vol
Jaar en volume 19 3
Trefwoorden IT outsourcing, Higher education
Paginabereik 99-117

Procesinnovatie en Informatiesystemen