Controlling the Courts: New Public Management and the Dutch Judiciary

Auteurs Max Visser , R. Schouteten , Josje Dikkers
Gepubliceerd in Justice System Journal
Publicatiedatum 2019
Lectoraat Organiseren van Waardig Werk
Soort publicatie Artikel


Like many public sector organizations, in the past decades the Dutch judiciary has come to adopt New Public Management (NPM) practices and processes. In this article, we analyze this adoption from a management and organizational control perspective. Using data from a large survey among Dutch judges, we see a “mismatch” between the nature of the NPM-inspired management control systems and the work-related experiences of the judges and inquire into the consequences thereof for judicial work and organization.

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Taal Engels
Gepubliceerd in Justice System Journal
ResearchComponents.DetailedInformation.YearAndVolume 40 1
Trefwoorden New Public Management, management control, Dutch judiciary, quality, job demands, job resources
Digital Object Identifier
Paginabereik 39-53

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