Considering design practice

Authors Marieke Zielhuis
Publication date 2023
Research groups Onderzoekend Vermogen
Type Doctoral thesis


Academic design research often fails to contribute to design practice. This dissertation explores how design research collaborations can provide knowledge that design professionals will use in practice. The research shows that design professionals are not addressed as an important audience between the many audiences of collaborative research projects. The research provides insight in the learning process by design professionals in design research collaborations and it identifies opportunities for even more learning. It shows that design professionals can learn about more than designing, but also about application domains or project organization.

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Language Engels
Key words design research, design practice, collaborative research projects
Digital Object Identifier 10.4233/uuid:7ee30b24-cb6d-4ab7-a0b9-6ea2e7be5aa3

Marieke Zielhuis

Marieke Zielhuis

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  • Research group: Onderzoekend Vermogen