Business process management maturity and performance

Auteurs Guido Ongena, Pascal Ravesteijn
Gepubliceerd in Business Process Management Journal
Publicatiedatum 17 april 2019
Lectoraat Procesinnovatie & informatiesystemen
Soort publicatie Artikel


from the article: "Purpose – The importance of contextual factors is increasingly recognized in the field of business process management (BPM). The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relation between BPM maturity and process performance and the uncharted differences of two contextual factors (size and sector) in this relation. Design/methodology/approach – An empirical investigation is presented based on a sample of 165 organizations. Using partial least square-multi group analysis (PLS-MGA) differences between size and sector are investigated. Findings – Overall, information technology, resources and knowledge and process measurement are the most pivotal BPM maturity dimensions that contribute to a better organizational process performance. The results showed no differences between private and public organizations in the relation between BPM maturity dimensions and process performance. In contrast, product organizations benefit more than service organizations from continuous improvement of their processes. Moreover, utilizing IT technology is more beneficial for small organizations rather than large organizations. Originality/value – There is a clear lack of empirical studies investigating the role of context. This research extends the limited body of literature that investigated contextual factors in the field of BPM. It is the first study to add size and sector in the posited multi-dimensional model of BPM maturity dimensions and process performance. The results provide guidance for scholars and practitioners that work on BPM practices in different contexts."

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Gepubliceerd in Business Process Management Journal
Trefwoorden Process performance, Sector, Business process management, BPM maturity, Organization size, Partial least square-multi group analysis (PLS-MGA)

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