Snow Fall in de polder

Auteurs Renée van der Nat, Piet Bakker, Eggo Muller
Gepubliceerd in Tijdschrift voor communicatiewetenschap
Publicatiedatum 2021
Lectoraat Kwaliteitsjournalistiek in Digitale Transitie
Soort publicatie Artikel


Interactive multimedia productions are a recent journalistic format. The format has been studied in the Anglo-Saxon context as digital longform and interactive documentary. Research has consequently focused on English language productions. This article presents an overview of these types of productions created in the Netherlands and also proposes an analytical apparatus and conceptualization that does justice to the main properties of this new genre; multimediality and interactivity. The results show that this journalistic form is mainly produced by established national newsrooms. Furthermore, the potential of digital media is used sparsely. Despite the use of complex narrative structures like multi-linear and non-linear stories, familiar media forms are used. Interactive features are mostly utilized to provide additional information to users.

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Taal Nederlands
Gepubliceerd in Tijdschrift voor communicatiewetenschap
Jaar en volume 49 2
Trefwoorden digital longform journalism, interactive documentary, interactivity, multimediality, online journalism
Digital Object Identifier 10.5117/TVC2021.2.002.NAT
Paginabereik 100-126

Renée van der Nat

Renee van der Nat

Renée van der Nat

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  • Lectoraat: Kwaliteitsjournalistiek in Digitale Transitie