“So, I told him to look for friends!” Barriers and protecting factors that may facilitate inclusion for children with Language Disorder in everyday social settings: Cross-cultural qualitative interviews with parents

Auteurs Kristine Jensen de López , Julie Feilberg , Sofía Baena , Rena Lyons , Sam Harding , Maja Kelić , Inge Klatte , Tina Mantel , Rama Novogrodsky , Thora Ulfsdottír , Krisztina Zajdó , Isabel Rodríguez-Ortiz
Gepubliceerd in Research in Developmental Disabilities
Publicatiedatum 3 juni 2021
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Soort publicatie Artikel


Purpose Although researchers have explored parental perspectives on childhood speech and language disorders, this work has mostly been conducted in English-speaking countries. Little is known about parental experiences across countries. Participation in the COST Action IS1406 ‘Enhancing children’s oral language skills across Europe and beyond’ provided an opportunity to conduct cross-cultural qualitative interviews. The aims were to explore how parents construe inclusion and/or exclusion of their child and how parents involve themselves in order to facilitate inclusion. Method Parents from nine countries and with a child who had received services for speech-language disorder participated in semi-structured qualitative interviews. We used thematic analysis to analyze the data. Results Two overarching themes were identified: ‘Language disabilities led to social exclusion’ and ‘Promoting pathways to social inclusion’. Two subthemes were identified Interpersonal relationships are important and Deliberate proactiveness as stepping stones for social inclusion. Conclusions Across countries, parents report that their children’s hidden disability causes misunderstandings that can lead to social exclusion and that they are important advocates for their children. It is important that the voices and experiences of parents of children with developmental disabilities are understood and acknowledged. Parents’ recommendations about how to support social inclusion need to be addressed at all levels of society.

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Gepubliceerd in Research in Developmental Disabilities
Trefwoorden cross-cultural, social inclusion, parental perspectives, childhood speech and language disorders, qualitative interviews

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