Healthcare workers’ expectations of the Dyna-Form SMARTresponse application (HESA): A qualitative study

Auteurs J. Slob, C.T.M. van Houwelingen, H.S.M. Kort
Gepubliceerd in Gerontechnology Journal
Publicatiedatum 2022
Lectoraat Technologie voor Zorginnovaties
Soort publicatie Lezing


The transformation in the global demography and the shortages of healthcare workers requires innovation and efficiency in healthcare. The Dyna-Form SMARTresponse application is an example of Digital Technology, the application can be linked to a Mercury Advance Hybrid Mattress (Direct Healthcare Group, 2019). The goal of this application is to reduce the risk of pressure injuries by notifying healthcare workers about patient, often older people, non-movement. Digital Technology has been studied comprehensively and according to previous research there is a mismatch between the available Digital Technology and the adoption of Digital Technology (Mathijssen et al., 2020). Currently it is unclear whether the Dyna-Form SMARTresponse application can adequately support healthcare workers in their daily practice. Consequently, a generic qualitative study investigating the expectations of healthcare workers of the Dyna-Form SMARTresponse application linked to the Mercury Advance mattress is needed.

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Taal Engels
Gepubliceerd in Gerontechnology Journal
Trefwoorden digital technology, pressure injury, health care professionals
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Technologie voor Zorginnovaties