In order to enable people with a long-term care requirement to remain independent for as long as possible, this area of focus applies practically oriented research to develop and implement practical expertise and to disseminate this expertise through the training of care professionals. Furthermore, the area of focus collaborates with other sectors within HU University of Applied Sciences with the aim of realizing regional objectives and obtaining both national and international recognition as a centre of expertise in the field of technological applications in healthcare.

All activities in the field of Care and Technology can be located within the triangle of research – education – professional practice. The emphasis often lies on one of these axes but spin-off is created for the other axes. Operating within various research groups and under the leadership of one of the professors, (lecturer) researchers work on projects in which students also participate. The results obtained from these research projects are translated into education and into professional practice. In turn, the professional field plays an important role in supplying research questions.

In 2013 work was also conducted with other sectors such as technology, economy and management, and the creative sector. The interfaces in these areas included ‘games-4-health’, ‘design-4-health’, ‘business models in healthcare’ and ‘health and engineering’.

The area of focus Care and Technology has a significant effect on the research programming of the involved research groups. The guiding principle for 2014, too, is to maintain focus by working systematically towards the objectives.

The following research groups participate in the area of focus Care and Technology

Examples of participating HU projects

International exchange of research and practice in e-Health (iKOP) (in Dutch), Predictors for the use of e-Health by older adults and care professionals (PETZ) (in Dutch), InveStigating and Stimulating long Term walking Activity IN stroke (SUSTAIN) (in Dutch), TransFysa (in Dutch), Pain rehabilitation in a low health literacy population (Prepgo) (in Dutch), Fit for the Future, E-Health for COPD (in Dutch) in the Utrecht region, Inspiring environment in the care for older people (BEZO) (in Dutch), Support for informal carers through web applications, Goeie Snap van Elkaar (in Dutch) (‘Understanding Each Other’),  Speech and hearing technology, E-Health and speech and language therapy interventions, Healing environment in care (HEZO) (in Dutch), Alternative test-strategy for safety and benefit of natural compounds (NAT-TEST), Design for health care professionals, Patient safety.

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